Parents Are Using these Reality Puzzles to Combat the “Creativity Crisis” in Schools and Online Learning

October 6, 2020 - Miley Gerharlt
TL;DR: Kids are being robbed of “hands-on” activities, especially with online learning. Parents are using these toys to fill the creative void...

Worried Your Kids Are Turning into “Digital Zombies” WIth Online School and Excessive Screen Time?

As children are forced into “online classrooms”, hands-on and creative activities are completely missing from the curriculum.

Plus kids are glued to their tablets, TV’s and phones and learning terrible habits. It feels like there are no more “hands-on” activities these days.

The result? Many kids have trouble focusing, controlling their emotions and thinking creatively.

That’s why a team of concerned parents came up with these unique “reality puzzles” that sparked a viral learning trend for kids.

What is Allesimo Create + Paint?

Allessimo is a collection of 12 Unique 3D puzzles designed to educate and stimulate creativity in kids. It’s the educational “breath of fresh air” for your child.

It combines logical thinking of assembling puzzles with artistic painting.

Watch with joy as your children rip the box open and explore all the pieces and mix different paint colors.

It will keep them occupied for hours as they paint and build their own “reality puzzles”.

These use a revolutionary “3-Step” method that keeps kids busy and learning for hours!

Step 1: Build (Engage Critical Thinking)

Children unbox the puzzle to find a batch of laser-cut wooden puzzle pieces.

When your child uses their hands to assemble their model, it boosts their short term memory in the process.

As they figure out which pieces go where, and how they fit together, it builds their spatial orientation.

Helping build their critical thinking ability and manual dexterity.

Step 2: Mix Colors and Paint (Express Creativity)

Each puzzle comes with a variety of paint colors that kids mix together to easily learn colors and blending!

Opening up a door to exploration and excitement!

The painting process sparks creativity in children and allows them to express their imagination. Who knows, your kid could be a little artist without you knowing!

Creative thinking is essential to long term success in careers. And Allessimo teaches kids to think outside the box while having fun.

Step 3: Feel Proud (Sense of Accomplishment)

Online homeschooling can only do so much for “hands-on” accomplishments and learning.

Create + Paint will allow your child to physically see the fruits of their labor. Filling them with a sense of accomplishment and a memorable piece of art they can display.

It’s wonderful seeing your child proud of what they built. They’ll also have confidence that will shine in other areas of their lives.

I Gave Create + Paint a Try, Here’s What Happened:

Day 1:

I got the tank for my 9-year-old son and the unicorn for my 6-year-old daughter. You should have seen their eyes when I gave it to them. They were so excited.

They got to building it right away. My son finished a little ahead of my girl then helped her out. It was so adorable to see them working as a team. I was super happy with the purchase

Day 7:

My kids have been begging me to give them more puzzles since last week. So today I gave them more and it was another few hours of fun for them.

The finished product looked really cool and sturdy. The best part? They’re spending less time on their tablets! Since they are in online school these are perfect to give them some artistic time.

They both have them displaying on their headboards and when a friend came over they were showing them off.

Day 30:

I’m very happy with these puzzles. Last weekend my husband even helped them build a few and they got some father-kid time in! 

I remember when I was a kid we did stuff like this all the time and my kids honestly have never done everything like this. I’ll be buying this a gift for all the kids on my list this Christmas.

5 Reasons Why Children Should Use Allessimo Create + Paint:

  • Pushes kids to think creatively 🎨
  • Increases hand-eye coordination ✋👁️
  • Teaches critical thinking and problem solving skills🕵️
  • Hours of engaging fun for kids 🦸
  • Keeps them away from electronics 👍
PRO TIP: Everything in your child’s environment can affect their brain development. Allessimo helps surround them with a stimulating, productive and exciting environment.

What Makes Create + Paint Unique?


Gets kids thinking about STEM

Mushes their brain

Hand-eye coordination

Strains the eyes

Feel proud of their creation

No end product to display

Family bonding time

Can be socially isolating

Breeds self-motivation

Same repetitive tasks

Allessimo Sold Out in Weeks Last Year (And is Almost Guaranteed to this Year)

Create + Paint has gone viral ever since it’s release. Parents are even coming back and ordering more sets!

Verified Purchase

“Easy to assemble”

These are so fun! Great gift or for anyone who likes puzzles. Well made, easy to assemble, but challenging enough for adults to enjoy as well.


Verified Purchase

“Kept my daughter busy”

My daughter enjoyed it very much, it kept her busy for a while.


Verified Purchase

“My son loved it!”

My 10 year old son enjoyed doing this puzzle. It is complete and standing on his dresser as a nice decoration. Usually, when you're done with a puzzle, back in the box it goes. Not this one. Up for display. I was actually surprised he got it together. Note: pieces are numbered on the back.


How Can I Try Create + Paint?

Create + Paint can only be found online and not in stores.

When they first launched, they sold out in 2 WEEKS. This year they are almost guaranteed to sell out again.

Plus if you’re not totally in love with Create + Paint, we have a 30 Day Customer Satisfaction Guarantee. Just shoot us an email.

Check here to see if we still have these in stock »

Create + Paint believes that a brighter future starts during childhood.

Every Create + Paint set is shipped from our US-based warehouses. That’s why US Orders take only 3-8 days to get to your house.

If you have any questions, please reach out to us and a representative will quickly answer all your questions.